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On 26th September 1976 the "Stavronikita" a 365 foot long Greek freighter was bound for Barbados with a cargo of cement when a fire broke out in the Chief Engineer's cabin and swept through her, claiming the lives of six (6) people and gutting the ship.

She was towed into Bridgetown with smoke pouring from her, with S.O.S painted in white paint on her sides. She remained there for two (2) years rusting before being purchased by The Parks and Beaches Commission of Barbados.

She was stripped of any useful and saleable parts, the oil drained from her tanks and cleaned with a special solution to prevent any possibility of pollution.

On 22nd November 1978 the tides and winds would be just right for her to be laid to rest. The operation was directed by a team of demolition experts form the United States Naval Forces under the command of Lieutenant Scott Lynn. This was the first time a ship of this size had been voluntarily sunk in the Caribbean.

After thirteen (13) minutes and a total of seven (7) explosions she raised her bow and disappeared to her final resting place with her keel on a sandy bottom in 130 feet of calm, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.