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Twelve (12) years experience
Shop Manager
NAUI and ACUC Open Water Certified

Fatema looks after the day to day running of the Dive Shop. She handles all ordering of supplies & equipment, managing of bookings and pleasant, professional interaction with guests.

When she is not at the shop, she is equally busy at home looking after the 3 girls.


Twenty (20) years experience
ACUC Instructor
PADI Divemaster
DAN O'2 Certified

David has been working with the Dive Shop for about 10 years. He has a vast knowledge of the dive sites around the island. Known as the Sea Horse Diver, he is the expert in finding sea horses, frog fish and other elusive species.

He enjoys teaching beginners and taking guests on their first underwater experience.

David also assists Haroon in the installation and maintenance of the island's dive site moorings for the Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit.


Twenty three (23) years experience
ACUC Divemaster
PADI Divemaster
NAUI Divemaster
DAN O'2 Certified

Julian is one of the longest serving employees of the Dive Shop, with over 23 years of experience diving the waters of Barbados.

He is very knowledgeable on the dive sites around the island, picking the right sites for the best days diving. Julian is very good at finding antique bottles and artifacts. His experience also covers pipeline inspections and underwater salvage.


Six (6) years experience
Equipment Technician
Boat Captain
PADI Open Water Certified
DAN O'2 Certified

Michael serves the dual roles of equipment technician and boat captain. Known at the shop as "Mr. Fix It", he looks after all the maintenance and servicing of the dive equipment & boats.

He captains our main dive boat, "Tabio."


Twenty five (25) years experience
PADI Instructor
EFR Instructor
DAN O'2 Certified
Equipment Technician

John has been diving the waters of Barbados for the last 15 years. He operates Dive Barbados ltd. located on the West coast of Barbados. He helps out at the Dive Shop with our PADI courses as our on call Instructor.

He is a keen underwater photographer, and an expert on locating hard-to-find underwater fish and creatures.


Web Master
Photographer / Media specialist
PADI Rescue Diver

Faheem started helping out at the Dive Shop in 2005. He is the dive shop's "technical expert", designing and maintaining the website and hosting, the shop's computer systems, webcam and other technical aspects. He is also the dive shop's resident underwater photography and film expert and takes an avid passion in underwater photography and filmmaking.

He spends most of his free time at the dive shop part time when he isn't busy with medical school, and plans on incorporating dive & hyperbaric medicine in his medical career.

October 10, 1964 - April 12, 2009

Thirty One (31) years experience
NAUI Instructor
ACUC Instructor Trainer Evaluator
PADI Dive Master
DAN O'2 Instructor

Haroon dove the waters of Barbados for 31 years. He spent 26 of those years running the Dive Shop and pioneering the recreational scuba industry in Barbados.

His diving experience covered most of Barbados and the Caribbean. Other than conducting tours, he was also responsible for the maintenance of all the dive site moorings of Barbados for the Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit. His experience also covered pipeline inspections and underwater salvage. One of his favorite dives was looking for and finding marine artifacts and he was known to have a significant collection of antique bottles and glassware. (Click here for more info on bottle diving!)

On Sunday, April 12 Haroon passed away at his home in Barbados. Like his father before him, his contributions to the Barbadian, regional and international dive industry are numerous and remarkable. He was one of the primary authorities in experience and knowledge of the underwater environment of Barbados. He was known and well loved by thousands of divers worldwide, many of whom he personally introduced to the sport and whos lives he thus changed forever. Haroon spent and devoted most of his life to the ocean and was a true icon of love for our underwater world. May God Most High grant him Peace in Paradise.

Haroon was a loving father and devoted husband, and is survived by his wife Fatema and their 3 daughters, Ameera, Samiha and Safiyya. You may direct any correspondance to Fatema at fatema(REMOVE NO SPAM)@divebds.com, or to Faheem at faheem(REMOVE NO SPAM)@divebds.com.