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Open Water Course

DURATION: Two (2) days minimum/ Performance Based (Four (4) Days)

The minimum age for SCUBA certification is ten (10) years for Junior Open Water Diver OR Junior SCUBA Diver certification (adult supervised diving), and fifteen (15) years for the Open Water Diver certification.

This certification shows that you successfully completed the course according to the training standards and requirements established by PADI, NAUI or ACUC.

To become a SCUBA diver, you need to be comfortable in water and have basic swimming skills. You don't need to be an athlete, but you should be in good overall health, especially your respiratory and circulatory systems.

Before any confined water dives or water skills, you have to complete a medical statement. The information you put on this statement will remain confidential. Because the statement identifies medical conditions that may be affected by SCUBA diving, for your safety and health it is important that you complete it accurately and completely.

Knowledge development establishes the principles and basic information all divers need to have fun diving safely. It is divided into five (5) segments, for each segment, your instructor reviews the material, applying what you're learning to your specific needs.

A short knowledge review confirms that you have picked up the information you need from that section. There is a final exam of fifty (50) multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of what you have learned, (75% required to pass the exam). The fun begins in the confined water dives, during which you apply diving principles, learn and practice procedures and skills.

There are five(5) confined water training modules that correspond with the five (5) knowledge development sections. You will make four (4) SCUBA dives before you complete your training as an entry level diver by applying and further developing your skills in a dive environment under your instructor's supervision and guidance. Once you have completed this you are now an Open Water Diver.

You will be given a PIC or Personal Identification Card form to be filled out (2 passport pictures required) which will be sent to the certifying agency for a permanent certification card, which will be sent to you and a ninety (90) day temporary card will be given.